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Issue № 99. August 2023

State Policy of Import Advance in the Russian Oil and Gas Complex

Sergey E. Trofimov

PhD, Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences; expert, Council for Development of Digital Economy, Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation.
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7298-3486

The article scientifically substantiates the practical significance of the state policy aimed at import advance in the Russian oil and gas industry, need for improving the subsurface use of the Arctic and continental shelf of Russia is shown. Improving the state regulation of the Arctic region is a key task of reforming the public administration of the Russian economy. The issues of macroeconomic regulation of intra-country objects of planetary significance in the context of the evolution of formation and development of state regulation mechanism for the oil and gas complex are investigated. The object of the research is considered from the system-functional approach standpoint. The issues of digital transformation of oil and gas enterprises, adjustments to the used methodological tools in the context of geopolitical changes and the ongoing energy transition are analyzed. The fundamental provisions of improving the methodology of state regulation of the oil and gas complex, ensuring the sustainable development of the Russian economy are highlighted. The developed concept of import advance of the oil and gas complex is one of the strategic priorities for the development of the Russian economy, affects the issues of subsurface use of the Arctic and continental shelf, the formation of the Siberian and Far Eastern oil and gas centers. Special emphasis is placed on the expansion of cooperative relations, the formation of a regulatory environment, the development of technological and institutional platforms. The practical implementation of its directions is connected with the division into scenarios of the global economic and energy situation, flexibility in managing the resource and raw material base. In the context of increased sanctions pressure, the need for a qualitative change in the ongoing oil and gas policy with an emphasis on the integrated technological development of industrial production is growing. Its adaptation to changes in the foreign economic situation ensures the stability of the economic system, allows us to achieve breakthrough growth rates. 


Oil and gas complex, state regulation, methodology, import advance, economically sustainable development, Arctic shelf, continental shelf, subsurface use, national security, energy sustainability, energy transition.

DOI: 10.24412/2070-1381-2023-99-62-77

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