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Issue № 99. August 2023

Special Military Operation and New World Oder

Vyacheslav A. Nikonov

DSc, Dean of School of Public Administration, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation.

The article is devoted to the analysis of Special Military Operation impact on the transformation of the modern world order. It is noted that over the past year and a half, tectonic changes have taken place in international and Russian politics. The current geopolitical crisis is based on the aspiration of the United States of America to maintain its global dominance in conditions when its economic, political and moral positions have noticeably weakened amid the rise of new centers of power. Washington has embarked on a tough confrontation with states capable of challenging American hegemony, primarily with Russia and China. For Moscow, the growing confrontation with the West, led by the United States, took the form of an indirect war with the NATO on the territory of Ukraine. The study separately examines the causes and consequences of Western sanctions, during which the real economy of Russia and the largely virtual economy of unfriendly countries and territories collided, while the futility of attempts at such illegal sanctions pressure is noted. The analysis also examines the nature of the reaction of the modern world leading centers — the United States, European powers, China, India, Muslim states, African and Latin American countries to the Ukrainian crisis. The author comes to the conclusion that Special Military Operation has become a struggle for the creation of a new, more just and truly multipolar world, during which the overwhelming majority of humanity refused to support the aggressive anti-Russian policy of the collective West. It is indicated that the main geopolitical change caused by the Special Military Operation was the end of the period of total dominance of the United States and its allies in world politics and the de facto onset of multipolarity. Russia has confirmed the status of not only a key regional, but also a global power.


Geopolitics, World order, Special Military Operation, Sanctions, Russia, USA, China, India, Islamic world, Africa, European Union, NATO, BRICS, SCO, CIS, EAEU.

DOI: 10.24412/2070-1381-2023-99-7-34

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