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Issue № 95. December 2022

Nuclear Energy as а Basis for Sustainable Development

Nikolay V. Gorin, Boris K. Vodolaga, Vladimir P. Kuchinov, Vladimir V. Shidlovskiy

Nikolay V. Gorin 
PhD, Russian Federal Nuclear Center — Zababakhin All-Russia Research Institute of Technical Physics, Snezhinsk, Russian Federation.
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7468-1492

Boris K. Vodolaga
DSc (Physical and mathematical sciences), Russian Federal Nuclear Center — Zababakhin All-Russia Research Institute of Technical Physics, Snezhinsk, Russian Federation.

Vladimir P. Kuchinov
Associate Professor, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Vladimir V. Shidlovskiy
PhD, Head of Division for Planning Scientific and Technical Activities, JSC «Proryv», Moscow, Russian Federation.

The aim of the article is to draw attention of authorities and authoritative categories of the population to the need of solving  the main problems of sustainable development of Russia. It is noted that one of the main factors in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is the provision of energy. At the same time, the task of reducing anthropogenic emissions must be solved, which requires environmentally friendly energy sources. It is shown that wind and solar energy sources currently being developed will not be able to fully provide the humankind with clean energy due to their inherent technical limitations. Only nuclear energy with fast neutron reactors and a closed nuclear fuel cycle, which should become more widespread in the world in the nearest future, can be such a source. It is known that public opinion is conservative. Stereotypes and phobias, including the socio-psychological aspects of exposure to radiation and the perception of risk from the use of nuclear energy appear quickly, but change slowly. At the same time, the threat of a decrease in the established living standards due to the lack of environmentally friendly energy, which  the modern civilization won’t be able to refuse, will inevitably affect public opinion. The results of recent sociological studies show that on the average in Russia the interest in environmental issues is lower than in other social aspects, such as health care, social security, and salary levels, which also depend on the level of energy consumed. However, the distribution of priorities in the Russian society to the existing development problems due to the growth of environmental problems may change rapidly, including a more positive perception of nuclear energy technologies. Representatives of the nuclear industry, as well as politicians, teachers, doctors, local government officials, environmentalists, journalists, etc., should be ready for this. 


Sustainable development, clean energy sources, nuclear energy, nuclear and radiation technologies, public opinion.

DOI: 10.24412/2070-1381-2022-95-7-19

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