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Issue № 87. August 2021

Improvement of Public Authorities Control and Regulation as a Condition for Effective Legislative Activity

Nataliya S. Grigorieva

DSc (Political science), Professor, Department of Political Analysis, School of Public Administration, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation.
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7707-6754

The article discusses the main areas of regulating activities of the Committee for Control and Regulation of the State Duma in 2016–2021. Improving the organization of lawmaking activities and increasing efficiency of control over its implementation was set as the priority for the Committee’s work. The author examines the regulatory framework for the activities of the Committee for Control and Regulation, analyzes changes in its work that have occurred over the past five years, reveals the priority areas of its activity. Particular attention is paid to innovations introduced into the work of the State Duma on monitoring and control over the implementation of the adopted legislative acts. The set of measures taken will contribute to increasing the effectiveness of control over the enforcement of adopted laws, strengthening interaction between the legislative branch with all state bodies, public associations and with voters. The article provides an overview of the general rules of working out regulations for various types of organizations, including goals, objectives and regulatory procedures, shows the role of regulations in management system of any organization, which makes it possible to show the peculiarity of regulatory procedures in the work of state bodies. The article describes the structure of the Committee, its representative (factional) composition. The latest changes regarding the work of the VII State Duma were introduced in 2020. As a result, the powers of the State Duma Committee on Control and Regulations were significantly expanded, as a more important role than before was assigned to control over the execution of decisions, which significantly improved work results. Particular attention is paid to priority areas of the Committee for Control and Regulations work, mechanisms of control, measures of organizing systemic interaction between various actors in lawmaking and executive activities. Control over the implementation of national projects and state programs of the Russian Federation is discussed in detail.


Regulations, parliamentary control, regulation, monitoring, State Duma Committee on Control and Regulations.

DOI: 10.24412/2070-1381-2021-87-151-157

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