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Issue № 82. October 2020

To the Issue of Developing Export Orientation of Nuclear Industry

Evgeniya L. Moreva

PhD, Associate Professor, The Institute of Industry Policy and Institutional Development, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation.
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6355-7808

The stimulation of the export orientation as one of the prime aims of national development formulated by the Government of Russian Federation mobilizes the meso and micro subjects to animate the present external trade vectors and to seek the new ones. The special place in their implication take the basic economic branches with their enterprises consolidated in the international arena and required to adapt their export efforts to the changing terms of world economy and the civilizational challenges intensification. Among them is the nuclear industry. The analysis of the approaches to boost the export orientation of the nuclear complex and to determine the modes to consolidate it in lens of the tasks formulated is the aim of the paper. Various research methods have been applied to develop it with the instruments of the general scientific character (the analysis and the synthesis, the systemic approach, the logical approach, etc.) and the special one (content-analysis, the comparative instruments and others). The research concluded that the state and the perspective development in international markets do not provide the stable growth of the nuclear production exports integrated in frame of the State corporation Rosatom. To reduce the risks and uncertainties of the markets operations and to make a better use of the corporate’ competences and achievements it is expedient to develop new business areas consolidating thus the export activity and the whole corporation. The respective institutional mean is the development of the differentiation strategy coordinated it with the corporate foreign trade activity in space and time not only in prism of the development of the very business areas but of their use to insure international commercial operations of the main production activities of the corporation. The coordination of such efforts will ensure a synergistic effect of exports development of new and existing production activities and consolidation of Rosatom leadership in the international markets.


Nuclear production, differentiation, export orientation, business areas out of the Corporate’ contour, business areas within the Corporate’ contour, wind energy, nuclear medicine.

DOI: 10.24411/2070-1381-2020-10097

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