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Issue № 80. June 2020

Mythological and Ideological Constructions Shaping Contemporary Russian Drug Policy

Ekaterina V. Bobrovskaya

Educational specialist, State Governance Department, Faculty of Political Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow Russian Federation.

The article describes the political myth as one of the sources for formatting anti-drug policy in contemporary Russia. The paper analyzes approaches to the anti-drug state policy in foreign academic literature, compares it with approaches in Russian academic literature, demonstrates common and specific features of anti-drug policy representation in Russian and international science. The author notes that there is a significant impact on the academic vision of the narcotic problem by the values, which are popular in the majority of society and state. This impact persists in both democratic and non-democratic states. In this context, various, including historical aspects of the domestic approach to understanding the goals and meanings of the confrontation with the narcotic threat to society are considered. As part of highlighting the role of mythological factors in the development of contemporary anti-drug policy in Russia, an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy is proposed, as well as the main features of promoting and implementing state goals are revealed. Particular attention is paid to a meaningful analysis of political myths used in the development of target settings for state anti-drug policy, a description of its organic unity with general political mythological constructions, as well as a characterization of these ideological-shaped views influence on the process of state decision-making and on the attitude of the political elite to international experience. The analysis allows us to assess the prospects for the development of the state anti-drug policy, to see the possibilities for improving it and increasing the effectiveness in the short and medium term.


Drug policy, state policy, decision making, political myths, political mythology, ideology, drugs, war on drugs.

DOI: 10.24411/2070-1381-2020-10070

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