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Issue № 78. February 2020

Development of Young People Research Potential and Popularization of Science Among Schoolchildren, Students and Young Scientists in Russia

Aleksandr S. Voronov

PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Innovative Development Economy; Head, Innovative Design Center, School of Public Administration; Chairman, Council of Young Scientists, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Popularization of science as a field of activity and profession of a scientist in modern conditions is more relevant than ever. The tasks and target indicators set by the President of the Russian Federation, which are reflected in the National Projects “Science” and “Education”, as well as in the Program for popularization of scientific and technical and innovative activities developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, are ambitious. Their implementation allows revealing and developing the research potential of young people, popularizing science among schoolchildren, students, postgraduates and young scientists. The study presents an analysis of the number of young scientists in Russia, its dynamics, along with the reasons and trends that affect the effectiveness of Russian science, the opportunities and needs for its popularization among young people. The role of the profession of science popularizer in the aspect of achieving the goals of socio-economic development of Russia and its regions is defined. The author considers the practice of popularizing science and the profession of a scientist among schoolchildren, as well as supporting scientific activities among students, postgraduates and young scientists. The main measures of state support for science and education in Russia till 2024 are outlined. In the historical aspect, the forms and measures of science popularization in Russia are considered. A set of measures to popularize science among young people is proposed, as well as the forms for more effective scientific knowledge dissemination and young people interest in research and innovation activities increase are systematized.


Popularization of science, young scientists, schoolchildren, students, science promotion, science.

DOI: 10.24411/2070-1381-2020-10040

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