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Issue № 77. December 2019

General Targets for Strategic Development of Russian Federation Regions

Raisa N. Shpakova

PhD, Associate Professor, Moscow State Institute of International Relations at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MGIMO), Moscow, Russian Federation. 

It is not possible to ensure sustainable economic growth, to reduce dimensional economic and social inequality, to improve social welfare without reasonable distribution of the existing resources, selection of targets, long-term mechanisms and instruments of social and economic regulation, in other words — without strategic planning.
Absence of exact target-setting, relevant evaluation of strategic priorities of development and their recourses allocation hinders the process of the country’s transition to the innovative development model, and brings into question solving problems of coordination between the state, business and society.
The object of this paper was to generalize the approaches adopted in regional strategies in setting the main (general) goals of socio-economic development, and identify the problems arising in this process. The provisions of the strategies related to the definition of general strategic goals were checked for compliance with regulatory requirements and recommendations, existing foreign experience. The objectives of the study were also to identify the impact of the entry into force of the Federal Law ‘On strategic planning’ on the processes of strategic goal-setting in regional strategies.
The paper proves that due to nebulosity of the statutory enactments provisions that regulate the targeting procedures, there is considerable discontinuity in practical approaches to strategic targeting as well as general ideas with qualitative and quantitative features. In some cases, the definition of general target in regional strategies mixes up with the one of mission. At the same time, there is a today’s trend to refuse completely the general targets.
The recommendations offered by the regulatory body on how to identify the strategic targets are much outlined and are applied in practice formally, and this discourages the performance improvement in the strategic targeting.
The paper provides a list of proposals for the optimization of the federal law provisions and procedural regulations in the field of strategic planning.


Socio-economic development, strategy, region, strategic planning, regional management, strategic target, general strategic target, strategic priority. 

DOI: 10.24411/2070-1381-2019-10030

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