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Issue № 77. December 2019

Main Directions of Senior Managers Innovative Competences Development in Business Organizations

Maria S. Blokhina

PhD candidate, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation.

In the context of tough competition, increasing variability of external environment of organizations and development of new technologies, new requirements to senior managers’ competencies appear in business organizations. As shown by our sociological research with the participation of 400 respondents, the most important role in professional activity of managers is played by innovative competences — a set of skills and abilities that allow senior managers to apply a non-standard approach to a decision-making process and performance of professional duties, to bring the organization to a new level of development through the use of the latest technologies and scientific achievements, to encourage new ideas and support their implementation. The conducted research allowed defining the most demanded innovative competences of senior and top managers of the commercial organizations: such as flexibility, creativity, strategic thinking, ability to generation of new ideas, etc. Of great importance is the positive attitude of top managers to creative and innovative activities, changes, use of technical and managerial innovations, encouragement of innovative thinking. Formation of these attitudes, as well as the development of innovative competences of commercial organizations managers can and should be carried out at several levels — socio-cultural, organizational and personal. Development of innovative competences in potential and acting managers at the socio-cultural level depends primarily on the existing system of training, educational approaches and teaching methods, that have been used at various stages. The most important role in the development of innovative competences of managers at the organizational level is played by the organization itself. Among the organizational factors of innovative competences development are corporate culture, leadership styles, features of labor organization, forms and methods of in-house training. Senior or top managers can take an active position in self-education and self-development of their own innovative competences with the help of self-management tools — first of all, programs of professional self-development. This is a personal level of managers’ innovative competences development in business organizations. It is obvious that development of innovative competencies at all three levels is the most promising.


Innovative competences, development of innovative competences, development of senior manager in business organization.

DOI: 10.24411/2070-1381-2019-10029

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