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Issue № 75. August 2019

Challenges of State Strategic Planning System Implementation in the Russian Federation

Yulia V. Yevstafyeva

Postgraduate student, School of Public Administration, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation.

The law on strategic planning in the Russian Federation adopted five years ago, in June 2014 was supposed to set up the state strategic planning system. Though after 5-year period we have to admit the absence of positive influence of strategic planning on socio-economic development of the state. The article discloses obstacles for reaching potential positive outcomes of the strategic planning implementation into the public governance of the Russian Federation. The paper reviews the effective state-mandated strategic planning system, studies problems of the strategic planning implementation and its regulatory restrictions. The research is conducted based on system approach, using analysis and synthesis techniques, generalization method and abstraction technique. The study shows that the problems related to strategic planning establishment in our country are driven by the frame character of the adopted law as well as by the practice of its implementation on different levels of governance. Selective and often simulation character of strategic planning realization is a natural extension of the public administration disfunctions. Establishment of the fully functional strategic planning system is questionable without resection of these disfunctions. The author makes a conclusion that at the present time strategic planning does not present a system: important federal level plan documents are still not worked out and the majority of sublevel strategies are not coordinated with the rest of the documents neither horizontally nor vertically. Separate components operate individually, further on it will be needed to carry out extensive work on its synchronization in order to implement functions of the state strategic planning system and achieve targeted socio-economic results.


Strategic planning, strategic planning system, strategic planning problems, public administration disfunctions, state strategic planning documents register.

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