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Issue № 75. August 2019

Artificial Intelligence and International Psychological Security: Russian Researchers’ Presentations in South Africa

Darya Yu. Bazarkina, Leon Dzh. Lasuriia

Darya Yu. Bazarkina — DSc (Politics), Professor, Department for International Security and Foreign Affairs of Russia, Institute of Law and National Security, Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation; Senior Researcher, School of International Relations, Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.

Leon Dzh. Lasuriia — Research Intern, International Center for Socio-Political Studies and Consulting (ICSPSC), Moscow, Russian Federation.

The article provides an overview of Russian specialists participation in a number of academic events on strategic communication and psychological security held in the Republic of South Africa in February–March 2019. Scientific cooperation between Russia and South Africa is relevant, on the one hand, due to the Fourth industrial revolution, which requires all governments to pay attention to changes in science and technology, and, as a consequence, in the economy and social sphere. On the other hand, the current international situation is characterized by intense psychological warfare, in which more and more actors (both state and non-state) are involved. In these circumstances, it is necessary to strengthen Russia's cooperation with other countries in the field of information and psychological security within the framework of international organizations such as BRICS. Under these trends, the 14th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ICCWS 2019) at Stellenbosch University and a mini-track “Psychological Warfare, Advanced Technologies and Political Instability in the Contemporary World” took place with the participation of researchers from Russia and other countries. Also, Russian researchers took part in the research seminar “Artificial Intelligence and Challenges of the International Psychological Security on the Internet" at the University of Cape Town, visited Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth in order to establish research contacts. A fruitful academic discussion with colleagues from South Africa and other countries touched upon a wide range of issues related to security ones, threats and risks for information systems, the development of a culture and standards of security, the problems of strategic communication, role of artificial intelligence in ensuring international psychological security.


International relations, academic cooperation, strategic communication, psychological warfare, international psychological security, artificial intelligence.


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