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Issue № 74. June 2019

Formalized Model of Preparing Solutions to Neutralize Threats to Economic Security at the Federal Level

Dmitry V. Troshin

PhD, Leading Researcher, Institute of Economic Policy and Economic Security, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation.

The article is devoted to the model of solving an optimization problem of forming a package of measures for neutralizing threats of economic safety within creation of the information technologies implemented in the Federal risk management system (FRMS). In the considered domain at the application layer such a problem has not been solved yet.

As a solution measure for neutralizing threats rational distribution of resources on a set of actions for impact on different factors, including threats is considered. For a rough solution an assumption is made that actions can be implemented only completely, and the original algorithm of actions priority calculation for influencing factors which considers potential impact of measures on each other within the general factor domain model of economic safety at the federal level is offered.

For more exact solution allowing a possibility of partial implementation of measures the method on the basis of stochastic simulation modeling and a task solution method on a satchel in its version of backpack with the multichoice and also P. Kolesar's algorithm is considered. The choice of a method is defined by dimension of basic data. In the first case the task solution algorithm considering temporary restrictions of a task solution is offered. At the same time as the lower bound of the area containing a solution the result of a "rough" solution on the basis of actions priority calculation can be used. In the second case interpretation of the specified problem of discrete programming for its applied setting is offered.

The model can serve as methodical basis for creating information technology of FRMS for developing strategic management decisions, however for implementation of its potential it is necessary to supplement it with logik and linguistic, expert models and also the models which are adequately considering the relations between factors.


Economic security, factor, model, algorithm, priority, event, discrete programming, simulation.

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