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Issue № 74. June 2019

Drawbacks and Advantages of Social Internet Advertising as a Mechanism of Social Management

Kseniia N. Timchak

Postgraduate student, Faculty of Public Administration, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation.

The article is devoted to the analysis of social advertising as a management mechanism. Traditional media are no longer a useful platform for posting social messages. The development of the Internet has allowed people to join a large array of data, perceive and analyze it, and also give feedback. The need to move social advertising into the virtual space is actively involved in the life of society due to the transformation of the usual advertising (social) message into a network user tool. Since social advertising environment is poorly researched, it is a promising direction for the study.

 The central area of the ​​research focuses on social advertising on the Internet and considers currently available problem areas and promising areas relevant for further development. Mastering the virtual space allows social advertising to increase its target audience and use new, more advanced methods of mind manipulation, often borrowed from the commercial advertising industry. Expanding the boundaries of the impact on potential users, without space-time restrictions, social advertising has an impact on people's behavioral patterns. Administrative structures and society have the opportunity to combine their efforts on the Internet to address crisis issues. Social advertising as an effective tool of social management will allow building the necessary communication between the sender and the addressee and further encourage socially positive action. Achieving the main goal of social advertising requires an active activity of all participants in the communicative process and meaningful use of the mechanisms and techniques involved in constructing and disseminating a social message, as well as monitoring feedback from the audience. The Internet environment, having a wide range of tools for the study of published content, allows people to quickly assess the effectiveness of social advertising on the Internet, the attitude of viewers to it.


Social advertising, Internet, virtual space, social management, communication, social communication, online audience.

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