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Issue № 74. June 2019

Space Project and Scientific and Technical Romanticism in Political Consciousness of Modern Russian Society Value Picture

Yulia S. Chernyakhovskaya

PhD, Aassociate Professor, Doctoral Degree Programme, Faculty of Political Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University; D.S. Likhachev Russian Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Moscow, Russian Federation.

The author of the article, based on the importance and the need to identify promising ideological constructs that can potentially provide productive goal-setting and integration of collective social action in modern Russia, refers to the analysis of empirical data presented by surveys of leading domestic sociological centers in order to identify the mobilization potential of scientific and technical romanticism in its two hypostases: extroverted and introverted — for the formation of new forms of integration ideological concept.

By the method of comparative analysis, the author compares the data of a number of sociological studies conducted in 1997–2018. He carries out an in-depth interpretation of existing ideas about the segmentation of political values in the minds of modern Russians. Moreover, the study provides a comparison of data in the timeline, and at the same time proposes to merge in a meaningful disparate responses of interviewers to clarify the picture.

As a result of research it was revealed that the potential of scientific and technical romanticism in this sphere is rather big, however it is practically not utilized today. On the contrary, the overall picture of the results of sociological research suggests the relevance of the problem and the need for further in-depth study.

In conclusion, the importance of different groups of values in the political consciousness of modern Russians, in particular the group of values of "scientific and technical romanticism" is stated, and assumptions about the potential of the corresponding group of images for ideological motivation of the population are made. The research shows that to date this group of characters is not sufficiently involved.


Scientific and technical romanticism, political culture, ideal motivation, Large projects, sociological research, ideological concepts, space project, patriotism, spiritual values, development goals.

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