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Issue № 68. June 2018

Systematization of Theoretical Approaches to the Formation of a Regional Development Strategy

Dubrovskaya Julia Vladimirovna, Kudryavtseva Maria Romanovna

Dubrovskaya Julia Vladimirovna — Ph.D., assistant professor, Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, Russian Federation.

Kudryavtseva Maria Romanovna — postgraduate student, Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, Russian Federation.

The formation of the regions socio-economic strategy is becoming increasingly important in the context of Russian economy transformation. The process of building a strategy for regional development is related to a search for priority areas for regions development. The article considers theoretical approaches to strategic management of regional development from the point of view of regions development priorities determination. The article provides systematization of scientific approaches, and outlines four directions of regional development priorities identification . It is noted that the majority of foreign and domestic scientists use a method based on the choice of "best examples" by comparing the individual criteria of socio-economic and innovative development of a territory, called "simplified benchmarking". The main disadvantages of this type of benchmarking are revealed. The necessity of benchmarking adaptation instruments in relation to regional socio-economic systems is grounded to develop a strategy for the development of the region on the basis of comparison with territories that have similar institutional conditions and development indicators. The fact of insufficient knowledge of using possibilities and prospects of benchmarking technology results is noted. The urgency of further research on methodological issues of developing benchmarking technology is substantiated, taking into account such principles as: accounting for the specifics of the region under study, universality, accessibility, applied nature.


Regional development, strategic planning, strategic management, benchmarking.

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