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Issue № 47. December 2014

Methodological Issues of Studying the Functions of Municipal Law

Nickolai N. Chernogor, Larisa N. Samodaeva

Nickolai N. Chernogor — Ph.D., Professor, School of Public Administration, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Larisa N. Samodaeva — Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor and Government of the Volgograd region, Volgograd, Russian Federation.

As a result of ongoing government reforms of local government organization in the Russian Federation there are qualitative changes in its legal framework. This process updates the task of ensuring adequate reflection in the law of the relevant state solutions, as well as the efficiency of the legal regulation of social relations associated with the implementation of local self-government. A successful solution requires an extension of the doctrinal foundations of this regulation, in particular rethinking the place and role of municipal law in the system of Russian law, establishing the patterns and the main areas of impact of this regulatory complex on their subject. The formation of scientific knowledge about the functions of municipal law is one of the necessary conditions of optimization of municipal regulation. It allows choosing the optimal means of legal mediation of respective social relations. The knowledge of this legal phenomenon involves the selection and systematization of the methodological toolkit for the teaching of reliable data. In the context of the formulated research objectives the article substantiates the relevance of the study of the functions of municipal law, discusses methodological issues of this research area and defines the approaches to the study of this phenomenon. The authors outline the research subject and the cognitive tools that can support such research.


Municipal law, local government, function of law.

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