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Issue № 35. December 2012

Global Governance and Strategic Communications

Vladimir Suchan

Ph.D., senior lecturer, University of Akron, USA; associate research fellow, Communication Management Centre, Russian-German Graduate School of Management, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

The paper identifies and analyzes what is, arguably, one of the most critical and most decisive political factors of our time — the rising global state. This new expansive power structure looms behind the notions of the “sole superpower”, “hegemony”, “leadership”, “benign empire”, “unilateralism”, “new world order”, or “globalization”. None of these terms are, however, adequate for capturing and understanding the nature of the rising global state and its political and economic dialectic. In foreign policy, the rising global state means regime change. Regime change is its main strategic program — for the world is to be remodeled in the image and likeness of the rising global state and its imperatives. Moreover, the rising global state itself means a fundamental change of the regime. It is a change in which the previous constitutional order is replaced with a Schmittian post-constitutional “state of exception”. On the way to such a qualitatively new empire, political fiat and monetary fiat meet in a synergy, which tries to free itself from the previous checks, balances, and constraints. While the rising global state is putting a premium on the use of force around the global and irrespective of existing sovereignties and borders, the rising global state’s existence as well as its fate is ultimately underwritten by the effectiveness of its strategic communications. The rise of the global state and the rise of strategic communications as the new form of governing humanity are thus intertwined or, conversely put, without the latter, the former would not be possible.


Rising global state, national security state, globalization, empire, strategic communication, the U.S., Russia, debt.

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